Franca Franchi Visual Artist

Who am I?

Hello and welcome to my website.

I am Franca Franchi and I am a visual artist, a mother, a mover, and a lightworker.

I was born an artist in Caracas, Venezuela but I am a citizen of the world, I love the country that I was born in, but I do not identify with any particular nationality, race, religion, or tags. I am a free being and I consider myself equal to all the beings in this world.

As a visual artist, I started my professional career around 1994 and I specialize in creating beautiful and touching images through photography, films, graphic design, motion graphics, drawings, and paintings.

My passion for art and images started since I was a child, I used to be one of those kids who loved to spend hours drawing, painting, dancing, and I also fell in love with photography being a child because I grew up surrounded by family members who were also into photography, visiting their dark rooms and feeling amazed by the magical moment in which an image started appearing on a paper submerged in “water”.  Yes, I was that child, and I know I’ve decided at a very early age that I was gonna become a photographer.

I went to Graphic Design school and then worked for a while as a designer, after that I transitioned into the audiovisual world, working as a video editor, motion graphic artist, producer, editor-in-chief in few production houses, and as a director. During this period I worked for the TV and Film industries in Caracas, editing, animating, producing, and even directing pieces like TV commercials, TV shows, Shortfilms, and other pieces like Corp. videos, wedding videos, demos, and more.

After a while, I started working with professional photography in 2005 (+ keeping active in the audiovisual world), which I’ve been doing up to this date. I like to call myself an Artistic and Professional and Commercial Photographer because my aesthetics and visual language are very artistic and I like to imprint my personal vision to all the images I create, which results in a type of photography that goes beyond the classical one.

As a photographer, I specialize in Portrait Photography, Food Photography, Product Photography, and Fashion Photography but I really love all types of photography opportunities which made me a very integral professional.

And while working as a photographer I also fell in love with psychotherapy and mental health awareness matters, which led me to integrate and use my photography as a healing process for myself and others.

In 2012 I decided to take over painting and drawing again, and I am now an active painter, I sell my artworks to private art collectors and institutions.

As a painter, I love to explore, research, and paint about deep and beautiful psychological themes, I’m inspired by life itself, and the emotions and feelings we experience especially when we go through intense periods of our lives. I have a thing for portraiture and abstraction from a very expressionistic point of view. My art integrates all my years of experience as a photographer, videographer, and designer.

As years passed and in the quest for giving more meaning to my art I started merging what I do with a healing approach since the art world (whether through photos or paintings) has been key in my mental health and happiness, and since 2012 I also started providing services that have helped others to work with their inner SELF and find more connection, empowerment, and ways to express their emotions and feelings through art and movement.

And since I find so much purpose in being helpful to others by providing healing and alternative healing tools I’ve decided to move forward with my passion for psychotherapy and at the moment I am studying Gestalt Psychotherapy and Art Therapy to obtain these certifications.

Back in 2019 and after the passing of a loved one I also felt the need of reconnecting with a part of myself that was left behind, the dancer! so during my grief, I decided to integrate movement and dance as healing tools to cope and go through my grieving process, which resulted in an amazing therapeutic way of expression, and since I’ve been working with movement and dance to help myself go through density I am also offering you guidance to find comfort and healing by moving your body and unlocking or releasing emotions that need to be released or expressed.

Do you remember me mentioning that I am a Lightworker at the beginning of this introduction? If you are curious about this in particular and you want to get to know me better and learn more about this please visit THIS link.

To get in contact with me to know more about my career, services, and artworks: