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What is Intuitive Art Therapy

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We are all creative beings, and choosing art as a therapeutic method of healing and relaxation it’s a very fulfilling and unique experience that can give us the opportunity to explore and get in touch with our deepest emotions, the feelings underneath our conscious mind and reconnect with our unique and authentic Self.

My Intuitive Art Therapy practice is my way of using my gifts as an empath and lightworker to help others to work on processing, understanding, reconnecting, and healing in a creative and artistic way with who we are, our unique, and personal Self. To read more about who I am, my personal healing story, and how art helps me to feel great in my daily life please click here.

I have called these practices “Intuitive Art Therapy Project” because I have the gift of connecting and feeling the energies that a person or a situation is holding, and find an intuitive path of exploration of these energies translated into emotions and feelings. Many years of experience in working with my Self and others have taught me how to focus, represent, and explore the many layers of an emotional crisis to be seen as an opportunity to reconnect, identify and express that which needs to brought to the outside world from deep inside us.

Using ART as a healing method helps us to approach any situation from a very holistic point of view since we get to work with our bodies and senses, our mind, thoughts, and emotions, and our soul, feelings, and connection centering our attention in the present moment which can give us a very calming and soothing experience during the process of art-making. In many times it could also allow us to express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions without the use of words which can be really useful to many of us.

These Intuitive practices are not to be considered as clinical therapy or psychotherapy at any moment, although they can work along or independently with a psychotherapy process and/or any other clinical/medical therapeutic process aiming to provide healing and support in any emotional or minor to mild mental disorder.

How I will help You

For more than 15 years I’ve been using art intuitively as a self-healing tool for myself and to help others to explore, integrate, understand and clear certain feelings and emotions that in many cases can be difficult to express without tools like the ones I use in art.

I have used art to heal low self-esteem, emotional trauma, grief, inner-child lost connection, heartbreaks, emotional numbness, emotional repression, emotions stuck in the body, body disconnection, and other very specific and unique situations that can occur in our lives journeys.

I can help you to find new ways of expressing your feelings and emotions through different art disciplines, by guiding, supporting, and accompanying you during your own unique and personal creative process of self-expression and healing.

In some cases, if necessary, we will also work with the support of a professional psychotherapist.

My Goal

My main goal is to provide you through art with new tools of self-caring and healing in a safe, private, and intimate space in which you will get in touch with your Self and work from an intuitive point of view in addressing that what you want to work in and express in order to bring it out from you and reach new levels of connection, relaxation, peace and understanding that would ultimately help you to keep growing and moving forward with your wellbeing and feelings of empowerment.

Available Disciplines

I am a professional photographer, a painter, and an intuitive dancer and mover.
My Intuitive Art Therapy project is based on these three disciplines as tools to help you in your healing processes:

  • Intuitive therapeutic photography sessions and photography learning experiences.
  • Intuitive therapeutic drawing and painting sessions.
  • Intuitive therapeutic movement, somatic and dancing experiences.




The following are my available services to help your healing
Intuitive therapeutic photography sessions to help you boost your self-esteem and/or work on an specific situation of your life through images.
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Intuitive therapeutic drawing and/or painting sessions to help you in the research, integration and exploration of your feelings and emotions in the Now.
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Intuitive therapeutic movement, somatic or dance sessions to help you in the expression and releasing of feelings and emotions through body awareness and reconnection.
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