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Black and White Photography School from Franca Franchi on Vimeo.

Black and White Photography will never be out of date, B&W photos are beautiful, full of meanings, elegant and when they are taken in the right way they cause a great impact on the viewer. Even nowadays in the digital photography era, the most influential and professional photographers around the world keep working and creating beautiful B&W photos for personal, artistic and commercial use.

Would you like to learn how to take amazing Black and White photos directly from your camera as a professional photographer does?

My Black and White Photography Private lessons are available now.

This course is about understanding the light, the contrast, the volumes, compositions and more.

For over a decade I’ve been dedicated to taking many many photos directly in Black and White from my camera as an old school photographer would do! And now I want to share all that I know with you because I want you to take beautiful photos in B/W like these too!

What will you learn?

During this course, you will learn in a practical way how to set up your camera to shoot amazing photos in Black and White, I will teach you the basics of composition, you will understand the concept of light, the use of natural light and studio lighting setups, we will go outside to take photos in the street and landscapes, and we will also practice portraits and stills photos in black and white, outdoors and indoors.

I will teach you about contrast, contemporary B/W styles, and edition tips.

Together we will answer all your doubts, practice and practice until you find your own B/W language.

How long it takes?

This course is designed to be a one-on-one experience, which means I will teach you and only you in the class, this way I can focus all my attention to deliver the information on your pace and according to your needs and subjects of interest, if you’re in Lisbon, Portugal the lessons are in person, but if you’re outside of Lisbon the course it’s also available as an Online live course.

The whole Lisbon one-on-one course is organized in 4 lessons (2hrs per lesson).

The online version course is organized in 6 online lessons (via Skype or a video platform of your choice ) 2 hrs per lessons

The course includes additional info materials and a workbook!

Ideally, you would take a lesson per week or we can create a schedule that fits your availability and needs (and mines). I strongly recommend taking a lesson weekly or every 2 weeks, this way we can keep a good pace and the information to learn and practice fresh.

What about the price and signing up?

This is a great investment in yourself, and since I want you to have the opportunity to learn more about your passion I offer these two options and pricing:

One-on-one in-person:

  • General public: €120
  • Students: €100

One-on-one Online:

  • General Public: €160

To be fully paid at the moment of signing up in the course. (MBWay and Online Transfer)
I offer the possibility of paying the course in two payments for an additional €20.

To sign-up to the course please contact me using one of these channels, once you contact me I will send you all the information about the signing up process, ways of payment and the schedules:

Email: info@francafranchi.com
Whatsapp: +351 920 054 260

And that’s all folks!
If you have any questions and/or you want to know more about it please contact me too!

Looking forward to taking great Black and White photos with you!