TheraPictures, therapeutic photography sessions in Lisbon Portugal


TheraPictures is an Intuitive therapeutic photography session in which together we will create a visual journey to work with a specific situation, emotion, or feeling in order to be able to integrate, express, feel and heal it through different techniques such as psychomagic, reenactment, metaphors, story-telling which will result in a transformative documented and healing experience which final product can be seen on an album or photo book (digital or physical)

TheraPictures is a therapeutic session created for everybody, which means that you don’t need to have any type of previous experience with posing or modeling because the main purpose of these sessions is to document a transformational process and not a make-over or a typical portrait photobook. If you are interested in booking a creative portrait session please click here.

TheraPictures is recommended to:

  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Get to know yourself better.
  • Transform a particular emotion from one stage to another.
  • Free yourself from personal conditionings.
  • See yourself becoming a higher version of who you are.
  • Facing certain fears, like fear of been seen, fear of showing up.
  • Gain body language control and awareness.
  • Learn how to feel comfortable when you feel vulnerable.
  • Understand how beautiful you truly are.
  • Role-playing allowing you to embrace new versions of who you are or want to be.
  • Explore your sensuality.

And any other opportunity to be experienced and documented through photos.


How does it work?

Each person is unique, and each visual journey will vary according to the situation each person wants to work with and transform or heal in the session.

But there are few common steps that will help us to create your unique Therapicture experience, these are some of the steps will take together:

  • We will have an in-person meeting in which we will get to know a little better each other and you will share with me the story that you would like to work on in the session.
  • Together we will discuss and decide the date and which creative path we’ll take for the session, this includes techniques, location, wardrobes, etc.
  • The Therapicture session will happen on the date and according to our planning, during the session I will guide you through the exploration and experiences that you need to work on while at the same time I will be taking photos in the key moments of your journey.
  • After the session, we will sit and talk about the experience and bring it to a closure.
  • After 5 working days, you will receive your digital album containing all the images that tell the story of your healing through the session which is the final product of the experience.


Franca makes us delve into a sensorial and aesthetic universe

Franca is an incredible professional! She has an excellent technical mastery of photography, accurate aesthetic sense, and unrivaled sensitivity. While photographing Franca makes us delve into a sensorial and aesthetic universe that result in photographs of excellent quality and personal significance

Nicholas Gheno

Therapictures Client

A real, simple and private moment.

Working with Franca gave me relief, self-consciousness, and a good vibe that is still in me. She makes you feel very comfortable that you forget to have a camera between you and her and the whole thing became for me like a nice morning with a nice soul. I loved the fact that she creates settings and images with simple elements and I felt like the protagonist of a real, simple, private moment. I felt naked talking about my sadness and my pain but still not uncomfortable and when I saw the result of our work my heart was filled with a new self-love mood. She helped me to rediscover my body as an imperfect perfect shape and I could see my pain literally under different light and perspective. The shooting with Franca leads me to give a second chance to me and to life, despite all the darkness I was going through.

Gioia Preto

Therapictures Client

I can say that it is actually true that art heals the soul

I met Franca at work, here in Lisbon, but I actually had no idea about her work as a photographer. I got to know it one evening, while I was at home scrolling down all my Facebook notifications when I suddenly saw that another colleague of ours had posted some amazing pictures that Franca took for her: I was stunned, those pics were just wonderful! But they were not just beautiful images… they had a soul. So I contacted Franca and I make her part of my “project”: I needed to express my feelings after a bad heartbreak, I was full of anger, I was feeling fooled and cheated… I needed a friendly point of view about all the matter but especially a fresh boost of self-esteem. Franca and I were just colleagues before this experience, in fact, I hadn’t had the occasion to talk with her before outside work, but I felt at ease from the first moment. Apart from being a great professional, she is a loving and caring person, she got involved in “our” project and she helped me to go through the session in a better way, as I had no experience as a model (but actually you don’t need to be one for “Therapictures”). I can say that it has been one of the more complete experiences I had so far: now I can say that it is actually true that art heals the soul.

Valentina Midilli

Therapictures Client